Tuesday-Chick’n and Dumplings


I used The Vegan Slow Cooker cookbook again. I have not had this book very long and I have already made the Chick’n and Dumplings twice. I love this cookbook. My slow cooker has been getting a lot of use lately.

The Chick’nĀ and Dumplings recipe is delicious. This is one recipe that you can make while you are at work since it cooks for 8 hours. There are some recipes that only require 4 hours. I am not sure what those will look like if you leave them for 8 hours. Even if your cooker switches to warm after 4 hours, a full work day might be too long.

The dumplings cook to perfection in a slow cooker. They come out soft but not mushy. The only think that I have changed in the recipe is to add onion. I think onions add a nice flavor. The only veggies in the recipe are carrots and celery.

I am sure you will enjoy this soup. The book is The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester.

Have you bought the Candle 79 Cookbook yet? I just ordered a copy a few days ago. I can’t wait to try some recipes from the book!

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