Thursday-Vegan Food Swap

I am a little late in talking about September’s Vegan Food Swap.  I want to thank Victoria for all the wonderful vegan items I received.  I am just getting back to posting again after about a month-long break of business travel.  So I have not had a chance to try everything that Victoria sent, but my favorites so far are the chocolate peanut butter and the Stash Mint Tea.  Thanks again Victoria and I am sorry I am so late.

One highlight of my business travels was Trinidad and Tobago.  I rarely travel outside of the country for work.  So I turned it in to a vacation.  The hubby flew out with me.  We spent a few days in Port of Spain where I was working and then finished it out in Tobago.  I love scuba diving, but I rarely get to go except for occasional vacations.  The hubby likes the mountains.  I like both the mountains and the beach.  To my surprise, after visiting Tobago the hubby said he wanted to go back!  I will need to stay sharp on my scuba skills because maybe there is another dive vacation in my future.

I was lucky enough to have Caroline, who owns Charlotteville Adventure Dive Center, all to myself.  She usually takes six divers on her boat at a time. I on three went on three almost hour-long dives.  We saw so many beautiful reef fish.  So many that I can’t even name them all.  We saw angels, tangs, baracudas, moray eels, stonefish and tuna.

Caroline told us about a wonderful local food called Doubles.  The only way I can describe it is chickpeas in a spicy sauce piled on to a flatbread.  The bread was similar to a pita.  I definitely see myself attempting to make those in the future.

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