Mediteranean Grilled Tofu

There were storms in our area this morning, which is great because it was 105 yesterday. This is the gorgeous sky we woke up to this morning.


It is Sunday and I am already thinking about the work week. It is nice that there is a shorter work week due to the 4th of July. We invited my sister and brother in law over to our house for the fourth. I know we will be grilling, but I am not sure what will be on the grill yet. They are not vegan tofu will or be on the menu for them.

Tonight for dinner I made Mediteranean Grilled Tofu, which I have not made in a while. The recipe is by Mark Reinfeld. The topping is my favorite part of this dish. I could eat the topping alone. It is kind of like a salad on top of the tofu. It is flavorful and colorful. The recipe is in 30-Minute Vegan and you can find it here as well.

The recipe also has substitutions. If you do not prefer tofu, tempeh or portabella mushrooms can be substituted for the tofu.



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