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Dinner at Simon and Seaforts

vegan | September 30, 2013 | By

Aunt Pat took us out for a wonderful dinner at Simon and Seafort’s in downtown Anchorage. The view from this restaurant is incredible. The view is of the Cook Inlet and Mount Susitna.

This restaurant is known for its great seafood and steaks. So I was a little skeptical in finding anything but a salas. To my surprise, the hubby told the waiter that I was vegan and asked if there was anything that could be prepared for me. The chef came to our table and offered to make a vegetable curry.

The curry was spectacular. There was a variety of squash and the curry sauce was phenomenal. I could taste the spiciness from the curry as well as coconut flavor. There was a hint of peanut flavor so I am assuming there was peanut butter in the sauce. It was garnished with cilantro and bean sprouts.
This was a nice ending to a great vacation. We hope to go back to Anchorage soon. We have visited in all of the seasons and this by far is the prettiest time of year. The Fall colors are spectacular and there is approximately 11 hours of daylight. But they are losing 5 minutes of daylight per day.


  1. Sydney Fry
    December 21, 2013

    That curry is making my mouth water!

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