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21 Days of Vegan

Beginning on January 1, 2010 I will be eating a vegan diet for 21 days. This part of PCRM’s 21day vegan challenge. I am currently a vegetarian, but not vegan. I am planning to post daily. I will include recipes I use, places I eat when eating out and any information that I discover along the way. I will also include links to my favorite websites. I am hoping that I will learn new information and find new recipes.

This will be a challenge for me.  I am vegetarian for a reason.  I love dairy.  I love eggs, cows milk and a variety of cheeses.  My favorite cheeses are cheddar, parmesan and fresh mozarella.  This is definitely going to be a challenge.  But I do have an open mind and I am wondering if this will really make me stop craving dairy or want it more. 

To try to put this in perspective, 21 days of my entire life is not a very long time.  Well, if I live to be 100 years old then 21 days is not even 1% of my entire life.  So I know that I can do this for 21 days.  But can I do this beyond 21 days?  Will I want to continue a vegan lifestyle after 21 days?  I will find out.  It is going to depend on whether I can find recipes that I love that do not contain dairy. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, I am a vegetarian but my husband is not.  So my 21 days of vegan is going to depend on whether I can find simple recipes that my husband will love and that I will love.  Also recipes that are simple because I am the cook of the family and I have a full time job.  In addition, I not only cook and have a full time job but I workout as well.  I am a runner. 

I am hoping to update this blog daily in order to document my 21 days of vegan.  I am looking forward to the adventure.


  1. Kathy Lovett
    March 12, 2010

    I checked out your blog and I think it is great. I think I might try the curried lentils. I love curry.
    I do plan to continue vegan eating. I think it is wonderful that your son is vegetarian and that you are supporting him. I too, was a vegetarian on and off. The first time I was eating vegetarian, there were not as many meat substitutes that were convenient like there are today. And I am amazed at the variety of dairy substitutes. I think it is a lot easier now, than it was ten years ago.
    I am very lucky to have a supportive husband that is willing to eat most of my vegan creations. I would call him a part time vegan now. He eats meat one to two times a week. I am glad that he is not too picky of an eater, but I have made things that he did not like.

  2. Becky
    March 11, 2010

    I’m interested to hear– do you plan to continue with your vegan eating? My son decided last fall to become vegetarian and asked me to support him by being vegetarian with him. I had done it before (I actually started eating meat again when I was pregnant with him and very anemic), so I thought it would be easy. But I’ve found it difficult to curb the meat cravings. I’m a big dairy lover as well, so I have much respect for anyone who can maintain a vegan diet!

    I just started blogging, hoping to share some of our favorite recipes with other vegetarians who cook for picky eaters. I figure if my 6-year-old enjoys it, maybe other non-vegetarian kids (and spouses!) will as well. I’d love to hear your comments!


  3. kathrynlovett
    January 12, 2010

    Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am very suprised that I have made it over the half way point. Initially, I thought that this would be a lot more difficult since I like dairy so much. But I have discovered that I do not really miss it as much as I thought I would.
    I will definitely check into getting Robin Roberston’s Vegan Planet. Thank you for the suggestion. I have been looking at various vegan cookbooks. I am interested in Tal Ronnen’s-Conscious Cook as well. I have not made a decision on that book yet, because many of his recipes use exotic ingredients that you can only purchase from a speciality store. I like recipes that use simple ingredients. I do not own any vegan cookbooks yet. I subscribe to some veggie magazines and I try recipes from those. I also search the web for recipes. And now I will be visiting your blog for recipes. The Chocolate Cupcakes with “ButterCream” icing especially caught my attention. Those sound delicious!
    Thanks again and I will visit your blog often.


  4. Tracy
    January 12, 2010

    Hi Kathryn,

    Congrats on making it to the 1/2 way point of your vegan diet! I have also recently made the transition from a vegetarian diet to the vegan lifestyle.

    Being a vegetarian for over 7 years, I knew it was only time before I adopted a complete veg lifestyle. Fortunate for me, I LOVE to cook! I own a few vegan cookbooks but the one that I absolutely love is by Robin Robertson – Vegan Planet and the updated version 1,000 Vegan Recipes. If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest you take a look at them.

    I recently started a vegan blog – mainly focusing on recipes. The site is still in the early stages but I try to add a couple of new meals each week. Feel free to stop by or suggest a recipe of your own!

    I just wanted to drop you a brief note to say that I enjoy reading your blog posts. And again, congrats on your progress. Thanks for sharing your journey and all the best to you!


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