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Snow City Cafe


The hubby and I ran the Oktoberfest Run for the Beans 5K this morning. It was a well organized run and the weather was great. The run is along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. After the 5K run, we needed to refuel. We chose the Snow City Cafe because it has great reviews. They serve breakfast all day, but had a long wait to be seated so we had lunch instead. The wait was totally worth it. They accept reservations so that is the way to go.
I chose the Veggie Sandwich with a side salad. The sandwich had hummus, avocado and an assortment of veggies all on a delicious wheat bread. This sandwich was one of the best veggie sandwiches I have had. The ingredients were very fresh.

After the run, we rested and then roamed downtown. We stopped and had a brew at Humpy’s. The hubby needed to get his football fix, since he had not seen a game since we arrived in Alaska. For dinner, I prepared Gardein Ultimate Meatless Burgers with all the fixings. It is quite easy to find vegan products here. There is a grocery store here which is affiliated with Safeway and there is also a store named the Natural Pantry. The Natural Pantry has a great selection of vegan products. They are even building a larger store.


Late Lunch in Palmer, Alaska

Today we drove to Matanuska Glacier. We took a lot of pictures along the way. Luckily, we did have something to snack on while we were driving. When we first arrived, we stopped at a local grocery store which has an assortment of nuts. I guess you would call it a nut bar. There were so many different varieties of nuts and flavors from spicy to sweet. We were gratefull to have that snack with us.
On the way back from the glacier, we stopped at a little cafe in downtown Palmer. We were hungry because we had not had a meal since breakfast.

We stopped at Vagabond Blues in Palmer on our way back to Anchorage. This small cafe in the center of town has many vegan options. They have wonderful bread and a good assortment of vegan and gluten free cookies. I had the spinach salad. Everything about the salad was delicious. The salad dressing was full of flavor. If you are ever in Palmer, Vagabond Blues should be a place to stop.

On the way back into town, we saw a moose. The moose was enjoying snacking on this tree.


Another Day in Anchorage


It was another fun filled day in and around Anchorage. For breakfast we had bagels and Daiya cream cheese. Everyone loved the Daiya. It was tart and tasty.

For lunch we went to the Spenard Food Truck Carnival. There were four trucks there and One of the trucks had a few vegan options. I had a quinoa bowl without meat and shared some polenta fries. The hubby had a meat skewer and the aunt had potato soup. Everyone loved the food.

Then it was back to Middle Way Cafe for dessert. I had a vegan brownie and the hubby had carrot cake.

After an afternoon of picture taking, we went to Sleeping Lady Brewing and had a couple of brews. We tried the hummus which was served with bread, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives. The hummus was very good and the beer was too.

Dinner was not so good. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I had a tostada and the hubby had quesadillas.

Tomorrow we are running a 5K and the proceeds support the local homeless shelter.


Anchorage-Middle Way Cafe


Today was our first full day in Anchorage. The first place I wanted to try was Middle Way Cafe. The food and coffee were great.
I had the Vegan Huevos Rancheros. The hubby and our Aunt had the Blueberry Pancakes. My breakfast was delicious. The Huevos Rancheros consisted of blackened tofu, rice, beans and a spicy tomato sauce on two corn tortillas. It was topped off with vegan sour cream and avocado.
I would recommend this place if you are ever in Anchorage. Everyone is friendly and the food is wonderful. The hubby and aunt said that the blueberry pancakes were the best that they have had. It was a warm and hearty breakfast to start off a day of hiking and picture-taking.


Grilled Tofu Vermicelli Bowl


The hubby is a huge football fan, so every year he gets season tickets to the local university’s games. This time he invited the brother-in-law to go with him. So my sister and I spent some quality time together and whipped up a vegan meal.
My sister is not vegan, but she does like to have vegetarian meals at least once a week. I decided to show her how to make a vermicelli bowl. It is simple and not much cooking is required. The time required to make this is dependent on your knife skills. My knife skills are not that great, so it takes me a little longer to slice and dice my veggies.
In the bowls I have made, I always use grilled tofu as the protein. Then add some of my favorite veggies. Usually the veggies are carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, scallions and bean sprouts. This time, I grilled the tofu and then sautéed it with mushrooms, onions and lemongrass.
The sauce that I make to add to this is here. I also add sriracha and hoisin sauce when serving this. This is a good way to use up fresh veggies you have on hand.
We leave for vacation on Tuesday and the first place I would like to try is Middle Way Cafe. It got great reviews and they have some nice non-vegan options as well.